McConnell’s power grab

What Mitch McConnell is doing with this healthcare bill is stunning. It is a pure power play in which he is betting that because the bill is Republican, that enough people will support it regardless of how much harm it does. He’s betting that despite that, he has enough support that people are so partisan that they will vote for the bill regardless of the outcome, or they just hate “the other guy” so much that they are willing to hurt themselves in order to hurt others. If he succeeds in passing this bill, he will gleefully watch as people die all over the country so that rich people can get a tax break from already historic low rates.

It used to be that the GOP attempted to dull the effects of their bad bills by spinning them politically saying things like “our spending is out of control” or some other nonsensical but at least defensible argument. But this time, they’re not even pretending that the bill isn’t a giant giveaway to the rich on the backs of the poor. Again, Senate Republicans don’t even pretend that it isn’t class warfare; they’re just saying “yeah, so what are you gonna do about it?” When you see the leader of the party┬ácompletely flip-flopping on his campaign promises and his cheering crowds eating it up, you know it’s bad, because now he can tell them absolutely anything, and they will follow, and what the Republicans are telling us is, “Let’s get rid of these parasitic sick and old people. We’ll burn their corpses to power the wall and buy a few more fighter jets!” And the crowd goes wild.