Free Days

Days like this seem to be free days. Days you add on to perhaps check off a last thing or two from your list, maybe try some new food. You know there’s something you’ve missed, because you’ve seen so much and have a gut feeling that it’s just a small piece. You laze around the pool killing time until you’ve figured out if leaving for Kampot the next day is what you want to do. With a little prodding from the lodgings about moving out, you give in and secure tickets on a night bus and find a few spots around Siem Reap to meander, quite hungry from being so lazy in the morning that even food was too much trouble to fool with. Soon you alight upon a non-functioning, but still nice to look at, waterwheel, and you snap some photos like a tourist. IMG_5510As you round the bend, street food seems to appear as if conjured, as do tuktuk drivers who are eating in their rides, and one invites you over to sit, and you do, as the lack of clean, alternative seat-level accommodation nearby quickly makes up your mind for you. One fellow speaks quite good English, and one or two more find a few words to say, and so you sit there drinking beer cooled over ice cubes and shoot the shit for a bit. Just being free. Freedom from, freedom to. Free as free can be.