the music part is finished

Just got word back on Friday that the CD mastering process is done. Done! That just leaves the artwork and manufacture of the CD. It almost seemed like this day might never come, but it is finally here. I almost can’t believe it.

the wait is nearly over

Spoke with the mastering engineer last night and we have just a few minor things to iron out! And at first, I thought it was sorta expensive, but he’s given me great value and now 7(!) revisions. Luckily, he really likes the project so I think he’s been kinda sneaking it in when he could. He said last night he could sing all the songs, which is a good sign I think!!

no hurry

I mean, this mastering process could go on forever. I thought the last mastering round would be the last, but like I’ve said before, there’s no reason to skimp or cut corners now. And Matt is doing such a good job mastering, giving feedback, and making great masters, and we are so close. The mixes get better each iteration though, and I’m quite happy with the direction it’s going. It may be a week or a month, but it will be soon.