maybe? Maybe???

Last night I recorded, if my calculations are correct, the final guitar parts for the record. That leaves vocals, background vocals, and a few random other parts. I have endeavored to keep this record free of keyboards and electronic instruments as much as possible (that’s for my side project), and have managed to avoid them completely up to this point. Unless I find a string section that wants to come record, there may be some keyboard strings added to the record, but I’m hoping they will be seamless (or just plain good) enough to not be out of place. But if this is true, what a milestone!! Still much to do, but this is major for me.

still around

So life has been getting in the way, but I have still been making progress on the new CD. I’ve got 98% of the drums, bass, and acoustic guitar recorded, and about 75% of the electric guitars down. I’m working on the two latest additions right now, “you’re the one” and “dream song”. Honestly, the hardest part of recording electric guitars (other than being making sure you’re absolutely happy with your performances) is finding the right sound. I’m essentially only using two pieces of outboard gear for everything. It’s limiting, but at the same time, when you force yourself to follow it, it actually makes you _more_ creative. The only thing that is holding me back are the time constraints of having a 9-5 and my own ability to be able to work long hours and then come home and work on the record. I’m still learning how to juggle that, but knowing that it isn’t THAT far in the future is still good.