geez louise

I was working on making a mixdown of a song last night, and was having some issues. Well, it turns out that there are differing bit depths and sample rates in the project. Bummer. Now it’s going to take at least an hour or two to export and re-import everything properly into another project. I don’t like setbacks. 🙁
In other news, I opened up for American English (essentially) on Sunday with a set of classical instrumentals that included Maleguena, Bouree, and Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, as well as alternative rock instrumentals like No Memory (Stone Temple Pilots), Whale & Wasp (Alice in Chains), and Joseph Merrick (Mastodon), amongst others. It was a good experience all around, the event was nice, I played well, hung out with the band after the show (they liked what I played), all in all a memorable and fun time.

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