different hats

Saturday was a great recording session with Paul, who came from Madison, Wisconsin to help me record electric guitars for a couple of tracks, “Acrobat” and “Lookin Out”, as it turned out. It was amazing how quickly time passed after we got started. Paul was an able engineer and helped me concentrate on wearing one “hat”; when you’re self-recording an album, you often have to wear different “hats” which often don’t dovetail so easily, and by hats I mean, the producer hat, the performer hat, the composer hat, etc., and they all call for different forms of expertise. When you’re composing or performing, it often isn’t helpful to have to think about making sure that your mikes are recording properly, or the many other myriad things that need to be taken care of in the recording process. Besides, creativity (performance) is a left-brained activity, while editing/mixing and the like are right-brained activities, and mixing them? Seems like a situation where you might not get the best of either. But thanks to Paul, for a short time, I was able to focus on performance, for which I’m very thankful. Thanks Wizz!