drum recording is finished!

It’s been such a long time coming, but principal drum recording for the new record is finished! It started so long ago, and to actually have all the drum recordings be done is so exciting. Bart recorded the first 2-3 songs, I believe, back in 2008. Then Randy joined up sometime early in 2009 to record the majority of the songs that were left. However, there were three songs that still needed to be recorded after he was done with the lion’s share of recording in mid-2009. So last evening Randy was able to come over and we finished three songs, all brand new! We have developed a great working relationship together and it showed yesterday, because Randy came ready to play, and we were able to use different methods we had developed over the spring and summer during the first sessions to knock out all three songs on the list, in addition to overdubs! It was amazing, and I am really looking forward to completing the other steps. Wahooo!