recording news

Well, now that fall/winter is about to arrive in earnest, so will working on the record. The end of the year is always a prolific time for me so I’m looking forward to it. Last night I listened to some bass takes I had done for a song called ‘Acrobat’ and made notes on what I liked or didn’t like. Then, I recorded a few takes and they sounded good; I will edit those bass lines probably tonight.
This is probably the biggest project I have ever tried to do, basically, on my own. Now, I have had many engineers and musicians come in so far, but in the sense that I have been behind the boards in way or another since the beginning (I had a producer for the previous album), it is much larger. Originally, I was going to release all the songs as acoustic versions in early 2007, but I wasn’t happy with those versions. Now, drums have been recorded for most of the album and I’m in the process of putting down bass lines for the songs with drums. Next will be electric guitars, then keys and/or percussion, then vocals. I’ve got a long way to go, but hopefully utilizing this blog will help me stay disciplined and motivated. Wish me luck!