some live stuff

Here are a few songs from the recent Hops and Barley gig. I could only record the room, so there is a fair bit of people yakking in the background, but you get the gist of the performances. Cheers!

“You’re the One” – JC Jordan
“Love Is” / “Prop 8” – JC Jordan
“Save Tonight” – Eagle-Eye Cherry (cover)
“Fuck Her Gently” – Tenacious D (cover) <-- biggest applause of the night, lol “Hey Jude” – The Beatles (cover)
“Wonderwall” – Oasis (cover)

guitar parts

I continued working on guitar parts for one of the songs I’m working on. The verses went great, but the choruses have a little bit of a hitch to the riff that is hard to get spot on. But there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the best I can do, since this is going to be a representation of what I can do. While I was recording I thought about how I can’t use recording sessions to mix or edit, that has to come later. What needs to be done is to use a critical ear to determine if the take is ‘good enough’, create doubles of every section so that I will have a backup in case I don’t hear an issue, and just keep on truckin’ through the takes.


That was a tiring week of open mikes. I had to fight off being tired last night to make it out to Bernice & John’s, but it happened. I saw Don Melas too, he’s been hosting that for a long time now. It was good to see Steve too, he even played a little harp.
Five open mikes in five nights all around the city…but it was worth it. I even went back to the Shire on Tuesday, where I hosted my erstwhile open mike, but thankfully there was no drama, and this time, I remember how the night ended, unlike my last night hosting the open mike there. 😉
See you Sunday at Hops and Barley’s!


Wow, haven’t been to that place in a long, long time. I got there early (too early), ’cause in the olden days, if you weren’t there by 8 or 8:30 you played last basically. I think now that summertime is coming, open mikes are probably going to become sparser and sparser. Ciso is still hosting; it seems he has become pretty polished at hosting it (at least 5+ years will do that I’m sure) and seems to have switched to playing uke. The featured performer was quite good, good voice and lyrics. I’m lucky to have signed up 3rd because the guy that went on right before me had horrific microphone problems, and they remedied them before I went up. It’s still very clique-ish there I noticed. I could sit here and list other things I found annoying about it, but I won’t go into that. It was a good performance on my part and a good experience on the whole. The drink specials there kick ass too ($3 pints of whatever…and they have lots of awesome beers on tap…I had Sapporo).



Last night was John Kimler’s open mike at Bucktown Pub. First off, John opened the evening up and someone was playing guitar in the audience while he was playing. I hate that. Every once in a while I will pull the guitar out and sort of play along when someone else is playing, but never audibly. Then he went to re-tune and his string popped. Usually not a big deal, but it’s a left-handed guitar. Well at any rate, I later got the rude guy to play with me on a song, hehe. He wasn’t half bad given the right situation. Good times.

check your bass bins

Started with the process of recording bass for a track–and it was a process. First, hooked up the DI. Then, played a little, realizing there were rattles all over the room. So the next hour or two were spent tracking down and damping as many vibrations as I could find. Then, recording started, but the process continued because i could still hear rattles in the recordings. Did a little further testing and I got most of them, I hope. The ones that are there are very minor and will add some character or ‘grit’ to the bass sound I hope. Didn’t get a whole lot usable recordings, but enough to hear what worked and what didn’t.
Also, there’s a show coming up June 14 (a Sunday). I’ll do another few nights of open mikes beforehand, and will again publish the schedule here, but it looks like candidates are Subterranean, bernice’s, innertown pub, hidden shamrock, and murphy’s. I’ll get ’em up ASAP.