a breakthrough

Monday was a good session with Randal. The song we have been mostly working on, “Find a Ride”, has a few parts, and in particular, the bridge and the ending are tough, and I have certain basic ideas for them in my head (although not fully fleshed out ideas). Also, the song has a certain groove to it, but the groove is slow, so that is also tough to get used to. I think when people hear a good groove, they have a tendency to rush it. However, the breakthrough came towards the end of the session, and we had been working on the end part for a while, and after working through it a bunch of times, after not having previously even gotten close, Randy nailed the last part. Well not completely, but it was so close. I’m glad I had pushed record. 🙂
Last evening I worked on “Ida”. Looking at the file, I realized I recorded a very simple kit…just kick, snare, and hihat. The other drums filter in through those mikes. That didn’t turn out to be a big deal though, since those three are the drums used the most (no toms). The bassline was a little tougher to mix…there was some overdriven sound to the bass when a note was played too loudly, and not a good overdriven sound–it almost sounded like clipping. First I tried a EQ’ing that frequency out, but that didn’t work, because I think the sound was bigger than a small frequency dip would help. After some trial and error, I applied a lowpass EQ and it took 90% of the buzzing out. Sometimes problems like that can’t be fixed, and parts have to be re-recorded, so I’m glad I don’t think I will have to do that. Rock out.

preliminary drum mix

I got a pretty decent drum mix for one of the new songs. As I mentioned earlier, my drummer did a good job and we got a drum track I can work with. I edited the tracks down and gated/compressed/EQ’d them as necessary. I also used a neat trick for the snare…I cloned the track and put a chorus effect on it, then altered the settings so that it sounds closer to a clap. It really makes that snare pop!

fun @ stan’s

Last night I went to my buddy Jeff’s open mike, early this time for a change, since there was no recording session last night. It was a good time, I ended up playing about 5-6 songs, which was nice. I had a really good cover going, but then a string went out of tune, kind of ruining the ending of the song for me. I tried to keep it together and avoid that bum string for the audience, but it sorta sucked. Michele the bartender did come and sing background vocals for the song though, which definitely helped. I like the whole crowd up there, the bartenders, cocktail servers, busboys, and host, everyone is awesome.
Going there and playing last night was a preview of a gig tonight playing for the River North association meeting. The show is 5:30-7 at 222 W. Hubbard. Tickets are $20 for non-members, $10 for members.


We had a good session last night, possibly laying down some final drum tracks for “Deliverance”. I have to commend Randy on doing such a good job with a song that has a pretty difficult arrangement. We even moved on to coming up with drum parts for “Find a Ride”, another song with a lot of parts for a drummer to learn. Kudos!