I think that’s the only word that really describes the event this weekend. Everyone seemed to give only because it was the right thing to do. The artwork was awesome, the space, the catering, and of course, the music from yours truly, they all combined to make a great remembrance of Miri, and we raised over $7000 for the scholarship in her name.

and another one

Another good session last night, we are coming along with drums for the song “Deliverance”. Randy and I are working really well together, and he’s “doing the math” necessary to come up with parts. Next week I should be able to start recording drums for that song in earnest. We also did some work on “Find a Ride” and “Lookin Out”, and we tried an experiment for the 5/4 part at the end of the latter. Turns out it didn’t work as well as we would have liked, but it was an experiment, and experiments don’t always work out like you’d like them to. All in all, good stuff.

good session

Recording started off well last night. We got the drums pretty much set up, and we worked on some riffs for “Deliverance”. Nothing was finalized, but we did lay down some very promising ideas which we’ll try to solidify by next week’s session. If this were a 100 meter dash, I would say that we got out of the blocks well, but still a long way from the finish.