a little hiatus

Sorry about not having much news recently. I am still playing solo around town about once a week, and I’m still working on the record. But the floor in my house is being ripped up so there won’t be any recording for at least a couple of weeks. Plus my drummer moved down to Champaign recently, so the band is in a little bit of flux. I’m still writing songs though, and will continue to play solo. I will be gone this weekend as well, so everyone have a good weekend.

elroy in the heez

Elroy came by last night to record bass on a few tracks, namely, “Carrier”, “Once Upon a Time”, and “Ida”. All three turned out well, and he provided each track the kind of interpretation that was necessary for the different types of songs they are. He even played a little banjo on “Ida” which turned out very well. It was a fun session and I appreciate him coming by and helping. The record will be finished!

open mikes

I played at The Store Monday evening. It’s a pretty good open mike, and they have $2 pints of whatever is on tap, which is quite a good deal. I ended up signing up for dead last, and hung around for some people who were quite good, and some not so, but it’s an open mike, so I encouraged the ones that didn’t do so well and congratulated the ones who I enjoyed. It happens every Monday around 9, so check it out. There is a new one at the Stanley’s on Racine and Jackson which my friend hosts on Wednesday night. I consider myself quite the veteran of open mikes, and they are a great way to get material out there.