good drums

Saturday went well, we got drums recorded for “Ida” (a perennial live show favorite) and “Once Upon a Time”. The studio is a mess though, and I was searching for my bass drum mike for hours, but luckily I didn’t need it; the drum instrumentation for the songs was pretty basic. Bart did great after getting warmed up a bit and getting used to the metronome, me getting the levels set correctly, etc. Since there weren’t a whole lot of individual tracks recorded for the drums, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get those mixed.

true story

I got this letter in the mail a few weeks ago. The funny thing is, I don’t have a wife (Aunt Jen), and I don’t have a nephew Jake, yet it seems like a legitimate thank you note. I thought this was hilarious. I would surely remember buying him a sweater and a hat, which thankfully, is keeping little Jakie warm as he waits for the bus. I guess I could write them a letter and send it back to them, but whatever.
* envelope
* card – oustide
* card – inside
In other news, Bart will be coming into town tomorrow to record some drums, likely for “Ida”, “Once Upon a Time”, and whatever else I can think of. We may also be able to rework a couple of tracks where the drums weren’t as tight as I would have liked. Should be fun!

in flux

Sorry about the site right now…I’m still trying to get it to a state that’s halfway normal. It’s a little difficult right now to get a gig too…I tried numerous times to get a gig at The Uncommon Ground coffeehouse, but they continue to ignore any attempt to book there. Other possibilities include the Gallery Cabaret, Bernice’s Tavern, and the Elbo Room. In further news, the CD is coming along, but because of issues getting people into the studio (drummers, bassists, vocalists), I’m not going to wait on other people’s parts to finish the song. I’ll record the parts I can, and release them that way.
Also, I think I accidentally deleted the last blog entry, which had links to a song from the CD that I’m working on. I will re-upload them for you: here’s the original and here’s the version with Michael’s ‘prog’ overdubs.