back to recording

Well, I’m back in the studio recording tracks for the new CD. The way I’m going about it is turning out to be rather time-consuming. Of course, I want to get the best performances possible, but having to stretch out the recording process over months and months makes this project seem huge. At first, I was getting friends to come in and push the buttons while I played whatever needed to be played. But seeing the amount of stuff I need to do, I have been reconsidering that and recording some of it without help. It’s not impossible to do, it’s just a big thing. It’s going to need a ‘one step at a time’ measured and scheduled process. If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that once I start a project, it will almost always get finished; but sometimes I don’t know in what timeframe. This is one of those projects.

show hangover

The show went fine on Sunday, but I still ended up being a little depressed. Besides the small issues we had (my acoustic kept feeding back, etc), the show was good. But I was still 96% disappointed (that’s because only 4 people showed up). It’s just frustrating to do press, invite your friends, and prepare for a show which hardly anyone attends. The showtime probably wasn’t the greatest (11:30 on a Sunday night), but it was my birthday — we even had birthday cake. I’m not going to let it get me down though…I promised myself I never would let that happen.
We got a couple of pictures and some video for the show which I’ll put up shortly, however no audio is available as they changed the setup so I couldn’t get a recording. Check the myspace site and the pictures page for updates.

got ’em in

I went by the Elbo Room yesterday and put up some flyers for the show. They are a nice bunch up there. I also went by The Mutiny posing as the band’s manager, “Craig”. I told them all about how great the band is, and gave them a flyer about the upcoming show at the Elbo Room. For some reason, people who own venues don’t generally want to talk to people who are in the band; they want to talk to someone who represents the band. So that’s who I was. And it seemed to work fine. And when I told them that the band pulls 50-100 people (a slight exaggeration of course), his eyes lit up like bubble candy cane lights on a christmas tree. It’s definitely a dive.
Besides that, I saw this guy setting up for the band playing that night that had the most body modifications I’d ever seen. I was impressed..the nubs underneath the skin of his forehead was just the beginning…he was wearing some sort of codpiece with metal points jutting out of it..whoa. I can’t remember the name of the band or I would try to find some pics of this guy.

final push

This being the last week before a show, I usually go out and play as many times in public as possible. There are many open mikes around Chicago. I play my songs, then go around and give out flyers for the show and get people signed up for the mailing list. I don’t know that I’ve ever had someone I met at an open mike actually come to a show, but it’s not so much about that. It’s about trying to make this show as much of a show as possible, by going out and playing those songs, and getting them as practiced as possible. I’ve even written a song about it called “Spotlight”, which the band will probably play at the show Sunday for the first time.
There have been a couple of updates made to the website too. There is a clip of music on the intro now, a piece of the new song, “remember the time”, along with a new animation. The pics page now loads a little faster too, plus a few other things behind the scenes. Still working on a calendar – for now go to the myspace site.