out and about

I saw the band I met at the hotel in Boston at Schuba’s last night. They were surprisingly pretty good. (I say suprisingly because when I saw them it would have been surprising to me if they could tie their shoes.) It was pretty hook-ey, with some definite reggae inspiration in there. The singer / main guy mostly played an acoustic bass when he was playing an instrument, which I thought was fairly novel. I had trouble with a lot of the lyrics, that thick London accent is a little tough to decipher sometimes, but the band was pretty tight. After the show, they handed out some free tapes. I took one, but of course like most people, I can’t play it! I have a tape player, but it drags so it is not hooked up. Oh well.

slayer juice

OK, yesterday was fun. The place didn’t actually have a bowling alley, I was confused. But it was a nice room, in the back of an irish pub. Good sound, and the quality of the musicians was good. I even managed to have a little cheering section of people we met the night before. Even stranger, I met a college friend there. That’s crazy because the college I went to was tiny. And to randomly meet someone in one of the few places I’ve been to so far in Boston was just strange, but definitely very cool. I even met her a few years back on the street in Chicago!
So what is slayer juice, you ask? Well right now it’s Chinaco anejo tequila, residing comfortably in my slayer flask. So everyone last night was into the slayer juice — I mean that’s some good tequila, and as much as I drank, my hangover isn’t that bad. FUCKING SLAYER JUICE! When we got back to the hotel, I ran into this band called Jamie T and the Pacemakers, a bunch of brits doing a tour of the USA. They are playing Schubas on Tuesday the 18th, should be a fun show. I gave them some slayer juice. 🙂