all about freedom

Last Friday I played the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum. It was a great gig, good sound, and I got a decent recording of one of the sets. An advertisement ran in the all the big papers around, but it didn’t mention my name. Bummer. Brad, one of the former drummers for the band ran the merch table for me, and we got a lot of people signed up for the mailing list and even sold a couple of CDs. I will put a couple of the tracks that were recorded from the gig up on the myspace page fairly soon. It was also one of my first completely solo gigs. I have played solo plenty of times, but not two hours solo; but I ended up being very relaxed and had a good show. I think I even made a few fans–a guy named Mike was very gracious (and a little tipsy I presume) after the show, but was very complimentary and said, among many other things, that I was able to understand the point that the artist was trying to make (in the case of cover songs), and stay true to that vision. What a great thing to say. And that’s definitely what I try to do.
That show’s over now–now it’s time to get ready for the show this Friday!

band graphics

The band now has a professionally designed logo which will be used on future merch and press items. Based on a sketch I drew, it is very slick and a shout-out goes to Peter who did a great job. It’s on the latest flyer and will also be on t-shirts and other merchandise that will appear in the future. Additionally, I’d like to thank Lawrence for designing the flyer for the show coming up August 3. The robot graphics are pulled from a Wagon Christ video (“Receiver”); here’s the video on youtube: “Receiver”. Thanks!

recent recording notes

My friend and former coworker Paul came in to the studio on Wednesday and brought in his Martin acoustic to record with and took care of a lot of the engineering aspects for an old song, “Who Am I”. This particular song probably won’t see the light of day until it is ready to release for the full album, but getting a guitar recording I am happy with will help me put down a good vocal and establish a structure on which to build around, since this song seems to deserve more of a “pop” production.
Alex came in Monday and engineered for a new song that will appear on the record, currently called “lookin out”, though it could easily also be called “scribbles on a chalkboard”, since that’s one of the lines in the chorus. This was my first attempt to try and record a song as soon as possible after writing. I had spoken with someone about that and we agreed that sometimes a song loses its immediacy after having been performed too many times. So I got a halfway decent guitar recorded and then recorded vocals on Friday. I think it was a good move.