new record

thank goodness for friends. even though i could easily sit and record the new songs for the record at home by myself, my musical friends have agreed to come in and push the buttons, trim the faders, etc., for me. it keeps me immersed in the music, and away from the technical side of recording. they can also listen for things i might not hear. so they need a couple of crash courses on recording. no big whoop.
the record is as yet untitled. currently there about 12-15 original songs that i will record. additionally, there are another half-dozen or so covers which i will consider for the record. this isn’t going to be some long, sprawling concept record though. it’s just a collection of songs written by me over the last three-four years. they are seemingly pretty disjointed. a few of the songs i’d written a while back, but had just never gotten a chance to record them. hopefully i can pull their disparate styles together with my voice. we’d hope so, right?

good times

The show was a success. Thank you everyone who came to the show. We played with a new percussionist (new to this band, anyway), Dominic. He did a great job considering we only had one rehearsal. And people seemed to like the show, many saying it was the best show they had seen us do. So, thanks everyone, and stay tuned, more shows are coming!