there is no more republican party

It seems pretty clear, anyway. One must have an ideological basis for coming together, whether it’s social or economic policy or whatever. The Republicans have, as I see it, two principles left: tax cuts and Donald Trump. I can’t think of any other threads that run through all Repulicans. They showed they are not the party of:

  • fiscal responsibility
  • law & order
  • morality
  • integrity
  • the constitution

I didn’t mention abortion or guns because I don’t think Republicans agree on those issues.

But even though Republicans are dead, they live on through moderate Democrats. They display the same wishy-washy nature about democratic policies, hoping to reel in some hypothetical moderate Republican single-issue voter. Politics has moved into the modern age and I don’t think moderation is the answer.


arguing in good faith

It seems that anyone who wishes to argue in good faith in the future would need to possess some sort of code of ethics that can be used to explain and defend one’s position. This applies to anything. And by supporting this amoral president, it seems that Republicans are selling much more than their current soul, they are also giving away any semblance of arguing in good faith on myriad subjects in the future if their party is no longer in the White House. You couldn’t say, impeach a future President for obtaining foreign help in winning election. You couldn’t argue against the selling of pardons. You can’t be opposed to a future president making money off the office. You can’t be opposed to a future president hiring just their family members. You can’t argue against deficit spending or debt reduction. It seems endless the number of things that can’t be argued against in good faith. And I guess that’s the key. — none of their arguments were ever in good faith.


there never were any principles

Topics Which Republicans Can No Longer Complain About

I have noticed that since the election of Trump, the Republicans have abandoned nearly every “principle” that they claimed to have during Obama’s terms in office. I just want to document all the things the Republicans believe, by their lack of inquiry, is perfectly OK.

  • fiscal responsibility (the deficit, the debt)
  • nepotism
  • rule of law
  • friendliness with america’s enemies/dictators
  • enriching themselves from the office
  • affecting the stock market
  • attacking american companies
  • paying off strippers
  • multiple affairs/wives/children
  • golfing
  • foreign interference in elections
  • murder of journalists
  • corruption in the executive branch

Proposed Solutions to Problems

Here are the solutions, from modern Democratic and Republican points of view, to some of the problems facing America.


  • background checks, assault weapons ban
  • more guns for everyone, arm the children


  • a path to citizenship if following the law
  • shoot them in the legs


  • affordable healthcare for all americans
  • repeal Obamacare and cut or eliminate Medicare


  • legal but rare
  • imprison the doctor for 99 years


  • care
  • do not care

A New Beginning

I started a blog long ago when I started out pursuing music in Chicago, where it doubled as an email list to my fans. So a new beginning in this sense is merely a repurposing of a former blog to serve a new purpose. Now, I want to dedicate this blog not to my musical exploits but to something else: exploring freedom and self-evident truths. A lot of times I want to talk about the political situation in the USA, but I may have other topics to bring up as well, and this can serve as an outlet to continue writing in whichever ways present themselves.